AT&T® Signs a Partnership with ESL and is Entering Esports Segment

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AT&T® is entering mobile video game competitions by collaborating with ESL and will sponsor the future competitions. As part of the partnership announcement, the fastest internet provider and the esports company staged a mobile game competition, that featured professional gamers at the event named AT&T® SHAPE.

The announcement of their entry to mobile video gaming competitions adds to some of AT&T’s sports properties, including the home stadium of Dallas Cowboys, and home arena of San Francisco Giants. Besides owning AT&T® Stadium in Arlington that hosts the NFL matches of the American football team, and AT&T® Park in San Francisco that hosts baseball matches, the Telco giant has been an associate sponsor of Tribeca Film Festival over the last few years as well. Esports has millions of global audiences and is expected to grow with best internet services delivered over 5G infrastructure.

Esports is now at an “intersection of tech and entertainment,” said AT&T’s Assistant VP for Corporate Sponsorships, Shiz Suzuki. “It really also gives us an opportunity to reach that young and diverse audience.” The advent of 5G mobile services, which will start becoming readily accessible this year, will give a foundation for mobile gaming.

“We think about the esports of the future and that really is around mobile gaming and the ability to take that experience of low latency (and) fast speeds and to not be at a disadvantage to be wireless and to take that anywhere,” Suzuki said.

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ESL’s Senior VP for Global Brand Partnerships, Mark Cohen, said that the popularity of playing video games on mobile devices has grown in the recent past, although most of such competitions are staged on video game consoles and computers. In the exhibition titled “Electronic Entertainment Expo,” which is to be held this June in Los Angeles, AT&T® will demonstrate 5G at their ESL Arena.

Cohen added that AT&T® brings a clout that is without equal. “AT&T® has certainly been an iconic brand in what most people see as traditional sports. We just know the value they could bring to our events, our platform, the fans, the community and the esports athletes themselves. We’re just so happy to have them aboard.”

As per reports, AT&T® will also make their presence felt at several other events to be held this year, including ESL One New York.

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