AT&T Says GigaPower Availability Will Expand

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GigaPower Service

Google’s I/O is all set to kick off tomorrow, but AT&T has gone and dampened their blazing enthusiasm. The leading telco has just announced a rival service to compete with Google Fiber in Bay Area, California. According to the company, the GigaPower service is already being provided in “parts of” San Francisco, San Jose, Dublin, Mountain View, Santa Clara and San Ramon.

Google first let out three months back that it would bring the Fiber service to select affordable housing properties, apartments, and condos and San Francisco. However, at the time, they did not say anything about full service rollout, in SF or surrounding areas. They are not the only company to take this approach however – AT&T is similarly focused on rolling out the competition to apartments and condos.

The GigaPower service will be priced starting $70 a month for the 1Gbps tiers, with customers getting the option to choose DirecTV or U-Verse TV as additional packages. The company says that at the time of the announcement, GigaPower is going out to 1.6 million locations in the 22 metro areas they mentioned, and that this will be spreading to cover 34 metro areas. It also laid out the following things you can do with the GigaPower service.

  • Get instant access to the newest online music, movies, and games.
  • Be able to connect faster to the cloud, and use that for activities such as video conferencing.
  • Download 25 songs in a second, one TV show in 3 seconds, and an HD movie in less than 36 seconds.
AT&T Internet Plans
GigaPower In 22 Metro Areas

As for Google, we are not sure if the company will be making any more announcements about the Fiber service this week, but still, you cannot help admiring AT&T’s timing here. This may have been the most important week for Google this year, starting off wide availability of another service.

AT&T already has a footprint in the TV service arena with the DirecTV and U-Verse TV services, and serving up those as additional package options is good for the company in more ways than one. For one, its draws in people who are partial to bundled, triple play options. Also, it is a sensible place to source new subscriptions for DirecTV.

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