AT&T® Reveals Network Investments Made in Florida

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The Dallas-based telecommunications company AT&T® recently said that the company has installed fresh distributed antennae systems and upgraded existing Distributed Antennae System (DAS) in Florida during 2017. The carrier did that as part of their program to improve the wireless infrastructure in the state.

Last year, the fastest internet provider made upgrades to over thousands of wireless networks in Florida Keys, West Palm Beach, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale areas. The Telco giant said that they added more capacity to over thousand cell sites in order to upgrade network performance and data speeds for subscribers across these areas in the state.

Last year, AT&T® installed a Distributed Antennae System at Miami’s Florida International University. The DAS covers several buildings and upgrades wireless coverage indoors, and added more antennas and long miles of cable to their existing DAS at the professional football stadium in Miami. That increased the network capacity at the site.

The company said that upgrades also comprised the addition of antennas and mile-long cables to their DAS at Boca Raton’s FAU Stadium in order to upgrade network capacity even more. The carrier said that they have invested over $1 billion during the period 2015 to 2017 in their wired networks situated in Monroe, Palm Beach County, Miami-Dade, and Broward County.

“Our customers expect to have access at any moment, from almost any device – anywhere,” said Joe York, the President of AT&T® Florida. “And we’re investing heavily to deliver faster, more reliable, highly secure connectivity to meet – and exceed – those expectations for South Florida residents.”

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The best internet provider said that their distributed antennae system, in general, consists of several components. The DAS components comprise signal source, the headend, remote units, coaxial, Ethernet or fiber optic cable, and antennas. The company provided the below descriptions of the said components of a distributed antennae system.

  • Headend: The interface as well as heart of the system, which directs the wireless radio frequencies to and from remote units.
  • Remote Units: In case they are required, remote units amplify radio frequencies from the headend to antennas or vice versa.
  • Antennas: They provide coverage patterns of radio frequency that allow the subscribers of AT&T® to access their network to receive or send data.
  • Fiber Optic, Coaxial or Ethernet Cables: These DAS components provide interconnection amid the elements of the system.

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