AT&T® Plans to Launch Two New Streaming Services

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In a recent announcement, the CFO of one of the leading internet providers, AT&T®, John Stephens, announced that the telecom company is very confident that their proposed $85.4 billion Time Warner® acquisition will get approval. During the announcement, he added that AT&T® is planning to launch additional streaming video services. The good news is that the provider will be offering a “skinny” bundle of networks to customers for just 15 dollars a month. This will be an absolute treat for TV service customers who are in search of the best cable deals in the market.

The over-the-top streaming service of AT&T®, DIRECTV NOW® has gained wide acceptance among customers in a short span of time. Stephens added that DIRECTV NOW® streaming service has been very effective since its beginning and he is hopeful that the service will continue to be a huge success in the coming years. Approximately 1.5 million customers in the country are currently under the subscription of DIRECTV NOW® but the numbers are expected to rise by the end of the year.

In addition to that, Stephens also talked about the traditional high-end TV services of AT&T®, U-verse® and DirecTV®. He even argued that both the TV services from AT&T® “still have a place in the marketplace”. It is true that the TV plans and additional features offered by these two TV services are quite popular among TV subscribers. In fact, the best cable deals offered by DirecTV® service has allowed the provider to lure in thousands of customers every year.

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Stephens said that the newly planned streaming services from the telecom company “will be based on getting the Time Warner® deal done” and it will offer skinny program bundle options to customers. He added that the skinny bundle would be a “very low-end, very thin collection of content”. The AT&T® CFO further said that the new skinny programming bundle from the company might give customers access to some networks of Time Warner’s Turner® cable, if the deal gets completed.

Reports say that the DOJ will come up with a ruling on the AT&T®-Time Warner® deal in the upcoming months. “We continue to believe that this vertical merger will be very good for consumers. We look forward to the judge’s ruling and moving forward and getting the transaction completed and commencing with the integration,” Stephens said. If the merger goes through, the combined venture will surely offer the best cable deals to subscribers.

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