AT&T® Plans Major Upgrades to DirecTV Now®

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Major Upgrades DirecTV

The officials from one of the fastest internet providers, AT&T® recently hinted that they are planning to introduce a major upgrade to their DirecTV Now® streaming TV service in the near future. Reports from several reliable sources indicate that the upgrades or improvements planned by AT&T® would most likely include support for pay-per-view events, a streamlined user interface, cloud DVR service and the ability for their subscribers to conduct simultaneous multiple video streams.

The CFO of AT&T®, John Stephens said that the new upgrades would allow the telecom giant to earn more money from their online streaming platform. “With all those opportunities go additional opportunities to raise revenues and revenues that customers would be willing to pay for and improve the quality of the service,” Stephens said.

He also hinted about the planned upgrade in a conference call but did not share too much information on AT&T’s plans. However, the Wells Fargo analysts recently wrote, “DTV Now 2.0 is coming. Importantly, this will streamline the User Interface (UI) for the customer (T currently has different UIs for DTV, DTV Now, U-Verse and Sunday Ticket). This upgrade will also likely bring with it some additional functionality (i.e. Cloud DVR, additional streams, etc.). Timing is expected in Q1’18 (when we expect T will also own a lot more content and have some anchor tenants to build around DTV Now yes even with today’s headlines).”

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Wells Fargo analysts were referring to a new report, which claimed that the Department of Justice is planning to potentially block the merger between AT&T® and Time Warner®. Nevertheless, the analysts stated that AT&T® is still hopeful that they will be able to close their merger with Time Warner®.

The telecom giant has already announced that they will be using the contents of Time Warner® to boost their offerings. This means that Time Warner® contents will be available to DirecTV Now® streaming TV service customers too. Reports indicate that this will help AT&T® to lure in more customers to DirecTV Now®.

In addition to that, Stephens said that AT&T® is also trying to improve their data insights. The sole purpose of this is to identify what types of contents their customers are watching. Stephens also added that the company would be using this information for their own marketing efforts, and to grow their digital advertising and digital ad insertion business.

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