AT&T Planning To Offer Screen Repair For Some Of The Devices

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Having a tablet of smartphone with broken display is never a good thing. Things get more complicated when you are unable to hunt down a good repair store to get the device fixed. However, if you were an AT&T customer with any device insurance plan from them, then you are in luck. AT&T has recently declared that they are launching a new repair option to help customers with broken screens get their devices repaired.

As per the official website of AT&T, there are many benefits for this scheme, the core theme being:

  • More Convenience – Users can keep their phone and get same day repair service at their office or home.
  • More Confidence – Technicians from AT&T are certified, and the user gets one-year warranty on the repair.
  • More Value – This scheme is included with all AT&T device protection products as part of the monthly subscription charge of the user.
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This repair service is available to all the users on AT&T who has a Mobile Insurance, Mobile Protection Pack for Business, Mobile Protection Pack, or Multi-Device Protection Pack programs. The user needs to pay a deductible charge of eighty-nine dollars, and after that, a certified technician from Asurion will come to you to fix your broken device, on the spot. As said before, AT&T also offers a 12-month warranty on the repair conducted.

This is a really interesting program, however it has some caveats. An issue, though, is that only three Android smartphones are supported now – the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S5, and Galaxy S6. But what if you broke the screen of your new and shiny Galaxy S7? Well, you cannot get it repaired by AT&T, as they have made it clear that, “some colors of eligible devices are not covered.”

Another problem is availability of the service, as AT&T is offering the service at only limited areas. At the launch, only 15 cities will offer the service and 29 more cities will be added by December 1, 2016. Anyway, if you already have any of the device insurance programs from AT&T, this will be a nice bonus for you.

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