AT&T® Partner Exchange Unveils New Mobility Tools for Vendors

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New Mobility Tools

AT&T® Partner Exchange program is unveiling the mobility tools for helping the vendors stay competitive in the mobility sector and give the mutual customers more value. The recent launch will add to the mobility Application Programming Interface that AT&T® announced earlier this year to help vendors manage their respective customer accounts.

The API for Mobility Port Management will let the vendors qualify, create, check, update, cancel, and activate port requests for the customers. Vendors can now perform up to 99 percent of the mobility transactions through the API provided by the Telco.

“We’re launching a simple, easy-to-manage, back-up plan for wireless wide area network (WWAN). The new plan makes entry into mobility resell easier for wireline-centric solution providers. We also released the latest edition of our WWAN Solution Guide to help solution providers better understand the basics of wireless routing,” said a recent press release from AT&T®.

WWAN will give affordable internet access as backup without overage fees for the existing fixed-line communications. This will let vendors continue to use crucial business operations, service the customers, and process payments if a service outage occurs. In fact, the mobility tools given by the fastest internet provider will give the vendors the needful speed and agility – two deliverables for improving customer service in the mobility sector.

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Vendors will see improvements in speedy mobility activation on compatible AT&T® mobility devices on already existing accounts, manage account info to make billing and reporting accurate, and get current info on mobility devices, accessories, as well as SIM cards to activate the equipment quickly. AT&T® says that they have doubled their Internet of Things (IoT) activations since unveiling an “IoT certification program, IoT Readiness Assessment” and other “channel enablers” back in April this year.

“If you’re looking to enter the mobility resell game, we’ve got you covered,” said Sue Galvanek, VP of marketing, pricing, and product solutions at AT&T® Partner Exchange. “Business-critical applications need reliable internet services. WWAN offers that. Any business that uses an internet connection can benefit from a WWAN solution and our new plan makes it even easier for solution providers to offer this service.”

She further added, “We work hand-in-hand with our solution providers to deliver the tools they need to embrace IoT and help their customers transform their businesses. The traction we’re seeing is a strong sign this strategy is paying off.”

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