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As per the customer studies conducted by JD Power, AT&T is the one provider in the US that offers the highest customer satisfaction. The study was aimed at looking how US carriers offer customer service via phone and walk-in, and was based on the responses collected from 7,556 full service wireless subscribers from the month of January to June. With the study, JD Power aimed at understanding how contacting the service provider via phone, or going to one of their stores, influenced problem resolution and other such factors.

Points were given to carriers based on the findings, and AT&T came on top with 820 points. T-Mobile is right behind AT&T with 815 points, where Verizon came third with 797 points, and Sprint bagged in 750 points. These points were awarded on a 1,000-point scale.

JD Power representative said that AT&T performed well in retail stores and online channels, but refused to offer any more details. “More than half (53%) of full-service customers had a walk-in service contact, compared with 49% over the previous six-month period, while 42% had an ARS, then CSR contact, compared with 43% in the previous six months,” J.D. Power explained.

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In the prepaid sector, Consumer Cellular is the topper with 878 points and the provider is especially well in automated response system. Carriers like Cricket Wireless, Boost Mobile, MetroPCS, Virgin Mobile, and Straight Talk, come below Consumer Cellular in the list.

JD Power does not stop on customer satisfaction data for the US carriers, but the company said that 72% of the users who contacted their service provider online did so from their tablets or smartphones. JD Power also noticed that looking up information on the service provider’s website was the most common activity in online contact, and noted that customer satisfaction was high among users where online contact was a user forum.

The results of the study show that more and more customers are now trying to solve issues on their own first, before contacting customer care executives to deal with the same. However, gaining the top spot for being the best customer-friendly service provider in the US with such an immense customer base would surely be a plus point for AT&T, and they might come up with new AT&T internet plans to keep the ratings healthy.

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