AT&T Introduces New Data Plans That Eliminates Extra Charges For Exceeding Data Limit

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New Data Plans

Most internet users have lost their money exceeding their data plan. The extra charges might have drained your mobile balance. But lately, many companies have come up with plans that don’t charge extra for exceeding the limit.

In that view, AT&T recently announced their new Mobile Share Advantage plans that just slow down the speed of the internet when you exceed the limit instead of charging extra. After exceeding the data limit, the speed reduces to as low as 128 kbps until the end of the billing cycle. Light browsing and email checking can be done with the low speed but it will be difficult to do tasks that require more data like video watching and movie downloading.

The new plans have removed some low priced plans and replaced them with more data plans with higher prices. The cheap 300 MB and 2 GB plans (offered at $20 and $30, respectively) will be removed, and will be replaced with 1 GB and 3 GB plans, for $30 and $40 respectively. The 5 GB for $50 plan will also be replaced by a 6 GB for $60 plan.

AT&T has also reduced the cost of some high priced plans. The price of 25 GB data plan is reduced from $175 to $110 per month, and the cost of 30 GB plan is reduced to $135 from $225. AT&T hopes that internet consumers will switch to the higher packs to get more speed when they go above the data limit.

Current Situation

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No Extra Charge For Exceeding Limits

As of now, under the AT&T’s Mobile Share Value plans, for extra 300 MB data on its 300 MB plan customers are charged $20, and for its larger plans, the company charges $15 per additional 1 GB. Users will receive an alert message from AT&T when the data usage is at 75%, 90%, and 100% of their plan.

Sprint, T- Mobile, and Verizon has already eliminated the extra charges for extra usage. However, Verizon charges $5 to enable the safety mode that has this feature. With many companies dropping extra charges, soon the era of overages for consumers may come to close.

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