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AT&T has once again offered an incredible offer to their broadband subscribers. This latest offer raises the monthly usage allowance in both U-Verse and GigaPower broadband plans.

The U-Verse customers who are receiving a speed of 300 Mbps or up to 300 Mbps will now get 1 TB of data as monthly allowance. In simple words, this offer will increase the normal amount of data to approximately three times for the users who have subscribed to the package. Similarly, the subscribers who are receiving an internet speed in between 12 Mbps and 75 Mbps will receive around double the data. Furthermore, unlimited home internet data will also be available to the AT&T GIgaPower subscribers.

An additional benefit of this offer is that U-Verse internet and DirecTV, as well as U-Verse internet and TV subscribers can pay for the services they subscribe through a single bill. Furthermore, AT&T GIgaPower network subscribers, who have subscribed to 1 Gbps package, will receive unlimited internet data at home at zero extra charges.

However, the free unlimited internet data would be available to AT&T subscribers for an additional $30 per month. AT&T has also issued a data calculator, which will help the users to monitor, estimate, and manage their internet usage, so that they can upgrade their package as and when needed.

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Increased Monthly Allowance

Multiple notices will be issued to subscribers who have not subscribed to the unlimited home internet data when they reach data limit, and they will be charged $10 for an additional increment of 50 GB, once they finish using their normal data limit. The U-Verse subscribers will be notified through email, monthly statements, and online updates about these new offers.

AT&T increased their usage allowance earlier in May, which gave subscribers an access to unlimited home internet data by signing up for U-Verse broadband service of AT&T at an additional cost of $30 per month. The company reported earlier this month that AT&T was suffering customer loss, but these new offers would help them regain customers and nullify the loss suffered.

The second quarter earnings revealed that AT&T suffered a major loss, with approximately 110,000 broadband customers giving up their services. However, other major internet providers also failed to acquire more subscribers during the first quarter this year. If providers offer new offers, such as what AT&T is up for now, that will surely attract more customers in the days to come.

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