AT&T® Announces the Renewed DIRECTV NOW® with Cloud DVR Capability

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The AT&T® CEO Randall Stephenson has announced the launch of a new addition to its streaming service, DIRECTV NOW®, at a recent investor conference held in Boston. The pay-TV service of AT&T® now has more features, comprising the newly added cloud DVR capability and a 3rd stream. The AT&T® CEO pointed out that the Dallas-based Telco will offer customers 3 different streaming services with distinct bundled channels by the end of 2018, as part of a strategy to change the present methods of video distribution.

“Our objective is straightforward. We want to transform how video is distributed, how video is monetized or paid for, how video is consumed and how video is created,” said Randall Stephenson at JP Morgan Global Technology, Media and Communications Conference.

The new version of the internet television streaming service of the fastest internet provider offer the customers accesses to new video on demand content. AT&T® customers can also record their favorite shows on a cloud Digital Video Recorder and rewind or fast-forward it. The customers can also add a 3rd stream, which can be viewed simultaneously, and more DVR space by paying extra to the basic price of their DIRECTV NOW® package. The streaming service of AT&T® starts at $35 a month, and if customers need a third stream, they can get it by paying $5 upcharge to the said monthly price.

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Randall Stephenson revealed AT&T’s new acquisition plans, upon the approval of the proposed Time Warner® deal, to unveil a new advertising platform that distributes targeted ads to anticipated streaming services. That ad platform will convert data concerning customer behavior and customer analytics into lucrative targeted ads, and AT&T® plans to launch it once their acquisition of Time Warner® go through regulatory hurdles.

AT&T® unveiled DIRECTV NOW® in 2016 and, within 2 years of its launch, its footprint has rose to around 1.5 million customers indicate reports. The AT&T® CEO said that one of its new streaming services will be launched in the 4th quarter of this year, and that it would cost around $80 to $90 per month without expensive installation costs. “The only truck roll required is going to be a UPS truck to deliver a very thin piece of hardware that you plug in to your TV and your broadband outlet.”

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